The treatments carried out in our clinics are supported by the best available technologies.

Thanks to our experience and frequent refresher courses we are acquainted with the most advanced methods and international studies. Our patients can rely on us because we are aware of the extent of their problems.

Haemodialysis is a renal replacement therapy; it is necessary in patients whose renal activity is reduced or absent (acute or chronic renal insufficiency). This condition is typical of End-Stage primary or secondary Renal Failure.

The basic purification method carried out by our clinics is extracorporeal haemodialysis and we can ensure three kinds of treatments:
-Standard haemodialysis
-High-flux haemodialysis
-On-line haemofiltration
-AFB – Acetate Free Biofiltration

For best results, the medical staff of Maria Rosaria Nursing Home carries out vascular access procedures paying special attention to them because of the crucial importance of this kind of operations.

standard haemodialysis

It’s a method for removing waste products from blood when the kidneys of the patient suffer from irrevocable renal failure.

High-flux haemodialysis

It’s a method that allows to obtain a particularly advantageous result for the optimal yield of the treatment of chronic kidney disease.

online haemofiltration

It’s a technique based on the physical principle of convection (toxic substances are dragged through the membranes by large quantities of water) and diffusion.

AFB - acetate free Biofiltration

It’s hemodiafiltration with reduced infusion loads. The buffer is completely missing in the dialysis bath, a bicarbonate solution is infused with personalized concentrations based on the patient’s needs.

There are no substantial differences between the different methods in terms of effectiveness of performance and quality of life, as many studies of high scientific value have shown. It will therefore be the personal experience of the doctor to establish, from time to time, which is the most appropriate method for each patient.

For the purposes of optimal performance of the aforementioned treatments, surgical procedures for packaging the Vascular Access, to which our Group pays particular attention.