May 15, 2010

The centres of the Group at the European Medical Travel Conference 2010

On days 5, 6 and 7 May 2010, the group took the opportunity to be present at the third European conference on medical tourism, held this year in Monastier di Treviso (TV).

With a properly structured and information booth in five languages, have initiated contacts with medical tourism operators from every continent, in order to establish agreements that allows those who must undergo hemodialysis treatment, contact our centers during the period holiday, thanks to the security of having a support 24 H, 7 / 7 and take advantage of the free transfer service to and from the dialysis center.

We believe in the mission to give opportunity to those who want a holiday in complete safety, thanks to the junction with the Nursing Home Maria Rosaria, featuring, among others, the departments of Nephrology and Vascular Surgery Nephrology.