All the structures of the Group are certified as meeting the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.
We have reached this important result after the careful examinations by the certification authority. This Certification assigns internationally recognized Value to our Group.

The quality management policy involves:

  • Health services meeting the needs of the patients/users according to the requirements specified in the contracts (current Health Services Document).
  • preventing and managing nonstandard situations of the service
  • improving the satisfaction of the patients
  • constantly checking the quality of the dialysis treatment for each patient
  • checking the general health status of the Patients during the natural evolution of the pathology.
  • granting the regular supervision of the organizational, structural and technical requirements envisaged in the current Regulation.
  • constantly improving the effectiveness of all the business processes.

Every day we go hard at making all these principles real and palpable during each haemodialysis run.