Cimasa group is made up of eleven haemodialysis Clinics; they are the reference centres for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic renal pathologies in Campania.
Haemodialysis is a purification method needing vanguard medical equipment in order to work correctly and to ensure the complete performance of the damaged kidneys.

In our clinics, we are able to ensure standard haemodialysis treatments but also high-flux haemodialysis and on-line haemofiltration treatments, according to the specific needs of every single patient.
Moreover, a nephrology and vascular surgery division is available at Maria Rosaria Nursing Home in Pompeii. It is specialized in the placement of any central venous catheter as well as in arteriovenous fistula sealing, both native and prosthetic.
Only in 2009, about 450 vascular access operations were made in this division also on patients coming from different clinics, as a proof of the reliability of our structure. It is a record in Italy; the forecast for 2010 is about 500 operations.

We believe in the importance of having hearty and kind relations with our patients during the substitution treatment: our approach is based on respect, sharing and openness.

The patients who entrust themselves to our care immediately notice the homely mood and helpfulness of the medical and paramedical staff: thanks to their decennial experience, our staff knows the needs of patients subject to chronic and complex treatments, like haemodialysis.

Our approach is holistic, aiming to the general wellbeing of the patient.
We don’t just rely on effective equipment, but we look for the best conditions to handle the therapy: correct diet, psychological support and special examinations in a very short time.