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standard haemodialysis

It’s a replacement therapy that provides for the purification of the patient’s blood, in such a way that it makes up for the functions normally performed by the kidneys and irreversibly decayed.

high-flux haemodialysis

It’s a method that allows to obtaina particularly advantageous result for the optimal yield of the treatment of chronic kidney disease.

online haemofiltration

It’s a technique based on the physical principle of convection (toxic substances are dragged through the membranes by large quantities of water) and diffusion.

AFB - acetate free Biofiltration

It’s hemodiafiltration with reduced infusion loads. The buffer is completely missing in the dialysis bath, a bicarbonate solution is infused with personalized concentrations based on the patient’s needs.

The Centers

The haemodialysis centres of Maria Rosaria Nursing Home group are the Centres of Excellence in Campania. Vanguard equipment and professional skills integrate to ensure flawless services

The Centers

the hemodialysis centers of the maria rosaria nursing home group have established themselves for years as structures of excellence in the Campania region. state-of-the-art equipment and professional skills are integrated to guarantee you an impeccable service.